Kenya: Al-Shabaab Terrorists Disguised as KDF Officers Kill 2 People in Lamu

Lamu — At least two people were on Wednesday shot and killed by suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists who had disguised themselves as Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officers and erected an illegal roadblock in Witu area, Lamu County.

The gang also burnt down a motorcycle as they conducted an illegal search before they were confronted by police.

Coat regional commissioner John Elungata said they had deployed more personnel in the area and especially in the expansive Boni Forest to pursue the gunmen operating from there.

On Wednesday evening, a police lorry was headed for Mokowe area when they came across the roadblock that had been mounted by about ten men wearing jungle uniforms similar to those used by Kenya Defense Forces.

Police said the terrorists had stopped four vehicles and had shot dead a lorry driver and his turn boy.

When the gang saw the police lorry they opened fire forcing those on board to take cover in the bushes as they fought back.

The team sought reinforcements as they fought the gang while retreating into the forest.

And after a lull, it was then it was discovered that four vehicles were held hostage there including one with two Italians and another lorry that had two occupants all of whom were rescued.

The bodies of the driver and his turn boy were also found in their lorry that had its fuel tank damaged by bullets.

Police said another salon car was found at the roadblock but did not have occupants at the time of the incident at about 6pm.

The police vehicle was damaged in the shootout.

The gang escaped towards Boni Forest.


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