Zimbabwe: Mai Titi in Court for Fraud

Controversial comedienne and socialite Felistas Murata better known as Mai Titi was on Thursday hauled before Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi on fraud charges.

Mai Titi was not asked to plead and was released with the court stating that since she was coming from home therefore matters of bail did not arise.

It is said that sometime in September 2022 and at corner Second Street and Speke Avenue, Mai Titi intentionally misrepresented facts to the complainant Rachel Mhuka that she was in need of US$10 000,00 for her business venture and would surrender a Mercedes Benz vehicle, registration number AFF9759 as surety.

The Mercedes Benz did not belong to Mai Titi.

Complainant acted upon the misrepresentation and gave US$10 000,00 cash.

The state further alleged that Mai Titi later retrieved the vehicle from the complainant stating that it did not belong to her and went on to issue the complainant with yet another vehicle, an Audi registration number AFG3701 as surety but again retrieved it from the complainant before giving her an invalid passport.

The complainant realised that the passport was invalid and forced Mai Titi to return the Audi vehicle as surety for the US$10 000.

Sometime in January 2023, ZRP Rhodesville went to the complainant and seized the Audi vehicle on the grounds that it belonged to a car sale named Else Event Car Hire.

Harare Magistrate Denis Mangosi postponed the matter to 20 April for routine remand.


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