Uganda: We Want Solution-Oriented Speech From Museveni, We Are Tired of History, MPs Say As Opposition Plan Address Boycott

A section of Members of Parliament have said they are tired of President Museveni’s speeches that are laced with history, they now want a speech of hope for citizens ahead of the presidential address to Parliament tomorrow

The views of MPs were aired by Kilak North County legislator Anthony Akol who advised the President to prepare a result-oriented speech.

“There are Ugandans now who do not want to hear the history, there are those who have studied history several times. Others were born in 1986, 1990, they are adults now, this time we want to see the solution-oriented speech, something that makes citizens have hope,” Akol said.

He accused Museveni of using his speech time to speak what he wants, urging that the president should speak what people want to hear instead.

He said President Museveni is fond of lamenting with citizens instead of providing solutions as a leader.

“Leaders shouldn’t be lamenting with the citizens of Uganda. When you are a leader, you should provide solutions.”

Akol insisted that the President should express himself on pertinent issues affecting the country at the moment, among others, what is next after Parliament censured Minister Persis Namuganza, the corruption scandal involving Ministers who diverted iron sheets for Karamoja as well as democracy.

“The history that I want to form the address of the President is the promise in the 10-point programme of the NRM; the first one is about democracy,” he said.

“One of the issues the MPs will want to hear from the President is what is next after Parliament censured Minister Persis Namuganza. Are we still working together? At this point, the President should have asked the people involved in the Karamoja iron sheets scandal to step aside. When people being investigated are still in office, they interfere with the process,” he added.

Meanwhile, MPs subscribing to the opposition in Parliament have vowed to boycott the president’s address, in protest of the continued arrest of their supporters by the current government.


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