Liberia – ‘I’m Not Here to Critique, but to Offer Fresh Vision for Our Country’

— LRP standard bearer reveals

Rev. Allen Brown, standard bearer of the Liberia Restoration Party (LRP), has revealed that he is not in the 2023 presidential race to critique current or past administrations or other presidential candidates but to offer a fresh vision for the Liberian presidency.

“As your presidential candidate for Liberia, I approach this election with a neutral stance. I am not here to critique current or past administrations or other presidential candidates but to offer a fresh vision for our nation,” he said.

Brown explained that his vision is anchored in reimagining our growth trajectory, empowering our citizens, and aligning our policies with the principles of God and national unity.

According to him, in his quest for continuous peace and prosperity, he is keen to strengthen ties with the USA, Europe, Israel, and our African neighbors, especially Nigeria. Collaborative international relations are the bedrock for socio-economic growth, technological exchange, and cultural understanding.

“My strategy is tailored to address Liberia’s long standing economic challenges. It’s high time we moved away from an over-reliance on traditional resource extraction and diversified into sectors like manufacturing, technology, and tourism,” he said.

Brown noted that his vision for Liberia is not just about economic growth; it’s about setting a foundation for a prosperous future where people, especially the youth, can thrive.

He made these revelations in a speech delivered on Wednesday, August 9, at his party headquarters in Sinkor, Monrovia.

The LRP standard bearer explained that a key concern that demands immediate attention is the well-being of Liberian children under his administration if he is elected president on October 10.

Brown added, “They are Liberia’s future, and we must create a positive environment for them to grow, learn, and flourish. Equally pressing is the need to protect our women against rape and other heinous crimes. Our administration will not tolerate violence against women; we will implement strict laws and educate communities about the significance of women’s rights and safety.”

“Now, the issue that stands like a tall wall before us is the alarming rise in drug-related cases. Over the past decade, conservative estimates suggest drug use has increased ten-fold. This escalation is not just a statistic; it’s a reflection of the challenges our youth face daily,” he declared.

Brown said addressing the drug problem is imperative, not just because it affects the youth but because they are the torchbearers of Liberia’s future. “We will implement robust policies to confront and mitigate drug-related issues, focusing on rehabilitation, education, and preventive measures.”

Agriculture, too, as the LRP standard bearer said, remains at the heart of our strategy. By empowering local farmers and shifting towards mechanized farming, we aim to rejuvenate this sector. This transformation will lead to food security and an agricultural sector robust enough for both domestic and international markets.

Brown highlights Education, healthcare, and infrastructure will receive unprecedented attention under his leadership.

He also pledged to elevate Liberian education standards, ensure every Liberian has access to quality healthcare, and modernize our infrastructure.

Brown said, “Our faith-based vision, represented by the Liberia Restoration Party (LRP), is about bringing Liberia back to God’s embrace. We aim to uphold the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus, integrating them into the fabric of our public policies.”

He added, “To conclude, with Mrs. Noosevett Janice Weah as my running mate, we champion a future that’s inclusive, progressive, and protective of all Liberians, irrespective of their affiliations. In our Liberia, every citizen, from child to adult, will have an opportunity to prosper, free from fear and full of hope.”

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