Tanzania: Fruit Farmers Urged to Maintain Quality

TANZANIAN fruit farmers have been urged to improve and maintain the quality of their products to ensure that they meet the required market standards.

The Head of Sales and Marketing of Leostar International Limited, Chesco Mwapelwa made the remarks recently during the launch of a new product.

“The launching of the new product will be a huge boost for farmers in getting reliable market for their fruits and boost their earnings,” he said.

Statistics show that fruit production in the country increased by almost 19 per cent from 2017 and reached 5.6 million metric tonnes in 2020.

The area harvested also showed an increase of nearly 3 per cent from last year and got 795,477 hectares in 2020. The domestic demand for fruits has also seen an increasing trend.

Mr Mwapelwa said at the launch of Ceres Nectar juices that Leostar International Limited will work in collaboration with PepsiCo, the manufacturer of the juices, to ensure that Tanzanians have access to superior products at affordable prices throughout the market.

Business Lead for PepsiCo in West, East, and Central Africa, Isabel Coetzer highlighted that Ceres Fruit Juice has been an integral part of Tanzanians’ lives over the past two decades.


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