Somalia: Somali Special Forces Raid Al-Shabaab Bases Near Kismayo City

Kismayo, Somalia — The specially U.S-trained forces from SNA’s Danab commando brigade raided villages under Janay Abdale in the Lower Jubba region, south of Somalia.

In the operation, the army killed 7 of the fighters of the Al-Shabaab group, who were at a training base during a gunfight that lasted for several hours, according to the residents.

The commander of the 5th unit of the Danab Arab Dheeg Ahmed said that the operation targeted a place where the group was gathering to plan an attack on the military bases.

In addition, Ahmed said that the Danab soldiers and the Jubbaland Darwish forces are carrying out joint operations to drive the Al-Shabaab from the remaining areas in Jubaland.

This operation coincides with raids in the areas of Baladul Amin, Baladul Karim, and Bulo Fulay in the Lower Shabelle and Baay regions, killing 41 Al-Shabaab fighters on Saturday.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh has vowed to wage “total war” against al-Shabaab, but the extremist group continues to launch brazen attacks targeting civilians and security forces.

Somali forces have had success against the group. The first offensive against al-Shabaab under Mohamud focused on the Middle Shabelle, Galgadud, and Hiran regions.

During that effort, Somali Soldiers with clan militias liberated 80 areas, including Rage-El, a village in the Middle Shabelle region that had been under al-Shabaab control for 13 years.

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