Uganda: UPDF Starts Campaign to Plant 300,000 Trees in Eastern DRC to Replenish Environment

The UPDF contingent under the East African Community Region Force (EACRF) has launched a campaign in which it will plant over 300,000 tree species in Eastern DRC -North Kivu.

The campaign is aimed at replenishing the evniroment and avert climate change in the province of Rutshuru- North Kivu.

The tree planting campaign was launched at the UPDF Contingent commander, Col Michael Hyeroba at their headquarters in Nyongera Kiwanja and will be rolled out to the entire UPDF areas of responsibility Bunagana, Tshengerero and Mabenga.

Col Hyeroba said that the exercise is one of UPDF’s domestic traditions of keeping the environment green and free from degradation adding that it’s equally the role of the force to protect the environment.

“We have secured at least 300,000 various types of trees and fruits and have distributed them to the soldiers for planting,” Col Hyeroba said.

The drive follows concerns about the rampant degradation of trees and land covers in the general areas of UPDF’s area of responsibility and its surroundings which is most likely to affect the climate in feature if it’s not rescued.

“It is therefore a concern to EACRF that we preserve the eco system so as to address the predicaments of global warming’s affects and to promote the betterment of climate in the region,” Col Hyeroba added.

He called upon the soldiers and officers from all units, heads of departments and component commanders to take full responsibility of ensuring that the trees grow under all conditions.

The trees to be planted include eucalyptus, gravera, jack fruits, mangoes, and pawpaws among other species.

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