Liberia: CPP Warns Against the Destruction of Campaign Posters, Billboards

Monrovia — The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has warned against the destruction of its campaign materials.

In a strongly worded statement, the CPP reported the tearing down of its campaign posters and billboards in contravention of the Farmington Agreement.

CPP said its field supervisors have on several occasions reported the destruction of its campaign posters especially in Montserrado County, with the latest being the destruction of its billboard in the proximity of the Headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), opposite the Old Road Junction, and next to the billboard of President George Weah. This occurred overnight on Wednesday, August 23.

The Collaborating Political Parties, therefore, calls the attention of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to this act of violence and provocation against the CPP.

“We urge an immediate investigation by the NEC and strongly warn the vandals doing so to stop and immediately desist,” the CPP Press Release said.

According to the release, the CPP said it continues to honor agreements it signs and urges leaders of other political institutions to do the same while encouraging their followers to immediately halt all acts of vandalism against the CPP.

“This position of the CPP must never be misconstrued for weakness,” the CPP release warned.

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