Uganda: Do Not Fundraise for Ssegirinya, No One Sent You to Do So, You Just Want to Earn – Bobi Wine to Nsereko

The National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has lambasted Kampala Central Legislator Muhammad Nsereko for engaging in soliciting funds for fellow legislator Muhammad Ssegirinya.

Bobi Wine made the statements while appearing on a radio show yesterday. He questioned Nsereko’s involvement in Ssegirinya’s health issues, accusing him of seeking money-making avenues using the sick legislator.

“Nsereko is looking for money for himself,” Bobi Wine claimed.

Bobi Wine insists that Ssegirinya’s family has never given permission to Nsereko to fundraise money.

“They ( Ssegirinya’s) family have never permitted Nsereko to embarrass their son, put him on social media in the name of fundraising for his treatment. How much money will he collect from poor Ugandans who already pay a tax? I believe he is looking for ways to earn,” Bobi claimed.

Bobi Wine says the the NUP diaspora cluster in Holland is looking after Ssegirinya well and they do not need Nsereko’s involvement.

“You should know politicians, he (Nsereko) is looking for money. Yes Ssegirinya made some mistakes, he did not inform the party, the parliament or the Leader of the Opposition, we are not working backwards to avail support to Ssegirinya,” he said.

Bobi asked Nsereko to find other means to support Ssegirinya because the people can see through his “lies”.

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