Liberia: Sen. Talyor Wants Police Presence in Counties

-Ahead of election

Grand Cape Mount County Senator, Simeon Taylor wants the Liberia National Police to increase its presence in all 15 counties to ensure peaceful elections.

In a communication to the Liberian Senate, Senator Taylor recalls that on August 29, 2023, group of men, including people believed to be loyal to Idrissa Massaley, whose daughter, Bintu Massaley, is a Representative Candidate, reportedly attacked supporters of incumbent Representative Bob Sheriff of Grand Cape Mount District One.

“In the process, it is alleged that there ensued sporadic firing of guns that forced women, children, and others to flee to the bushes for rescue; Pro-tempore, it can be recalled that cases of violence in Porka District, Grand Cape Mount County started years ago,” he reminds.

Senator Taylor also recalls that in 2020, he and his supporters were attacked in the same Bambala Town by men believed to be supporters of former Grand Cape Mount County Senator Victor Watson, adding that during the incident, two of his cars were burnt by the attackers.

According to him, there are several recorded cases of violent attacks on citizens in Mano River Kongo, Zimmi Dandai, Damballa and other towns in Porka District, leaving several people wounded severely without a step taken by government.

He stresses that such matter borders national security, so it needs swift plenary action by inviting the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police to state the position of the police regarding the matter.

“Hon. Pro-tempore, I bring this situation to your attention so as to have this August Body summon the Inspector General of Police to come and tell us what the police are doing to bring the situation to halt and restore law and order in Porka District, Grand Cape Mount County.”

The Senator notes that Liberians are in an electioneering period, so it is necessary that citizens conduct peaceful and civil campaigns. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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