Ethiopia: Ministry to Earn U.S.$1 Billion From International Tourists

Nation expects to generate over one billion USD from one million foreign tourists during this fiscal year, disclosed the Ministry of Tourism.

The Ministry has set a plan to earn the stated amount of revenues from the one million foreign tourists that are expected to pay visit to Ethiopia this year.

Speaking with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Tourism State Minister Seleshi Girma stated that the utmost effort is being put to attract one billion foreign tourists and collect one billion USD.

Last budget year, some 30 million local tourists visited several tourist attractions and similar number of tourists are expected to pay visit to various destinations this fiscal year, as to him.

The State Minister further stated that different tourist destination development activities would be performed as well as Ambassador’s forum would be held to enhance tourist inflow.

“The lifting of travel restrictions that had been put due to outbreak of COVID 19 and unrests would be significant in building a positive image,” he noted.

The soon to be inaugurated community lodge located in Senkele Swayne’s Hartebeest Sanctuary, is amongst the tourism development activities, said Seleshi.

In addition to the current tourism information center, around three new information centers would be made ready this year. Moreover, the nation would take part in different international tourism exhibitions and hospitality forums to introduce its untapped tourism potentials, he added.

He indicated that the promotion activity that used to be carried out mainly in North America and Europe countries have now widen to different Middle East countries. Similarly, the Ministry has given due emphasis to promote domestic tourism.

Mentioning that it has been over five years since the standard of several hotels and lodges have been rated, Seleshi mentioned that rating hotels as per to their standard would positively add to the tourism market development.

The hotels standard’s report that has been carried out for the past six months would be released soon, according to the State Minister.


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