Ethiopia: Win-Win Approach Pathway to Ethiopia’s Sea Access – Expert

ADDIS ABABA -Exploring a win-win approach, which would ensure the benefits of neighboring states, is instrumental to materialize Ethiopia’s quest to access the sea and supplement the growing economy, a noted historian and researcher said.

Approached by the local media, historian and researcher Ayele Bekiri (PhD) stated that securing access to sea is mandatory for Ethiopia’s growing population to foster development. “The issue should be handled by peaceful discussion and negotiation with relevant stakeholders.”

According to him, securing sea access requires the establishment of an institution of experts who will make a scholarly bargain with concerned bodies. “War could not be a solution in any means for this issue.”

The issue also requires the completion of our homework and strengthening internal peace and unity. Since we have the same people and enjoy similar culture with our neighbors in the Red Sea, securing sea access needs a win-win approach and cooperation. Furthermore, it could be applied through a give and take mechanism.

Recently, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said that the Red Sea and the Nile are intimately linked to Ethiopia, serving as the pillars that could either propel the country’s progress or lead to its demise. “Both of them determine Ethiopia’s future and contribute to its development. Securing access to the Red Sea is vital for Ethiopia’s survival, warranting thorough careful discussion.”

Speaking to The Ethiopian Herald, the seasoned diplomat Ambassador Girum Abay stated that the uninterrupted access to the Red Sea is the matter of existence to Ethiopia and it is a lifeline for Africa’s second largest population. “The question today is how Ethiopia would ensure a guaranteed and uninterrupted access to the Red Sea. The mechanisms for landlocked nations to access the sea are more or less those which Ethiopia has been using for centuries.”


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