Uganda: DP Urges Museveni to Reduce Personal Animosity Towards His Predecessors, Including Idi Amin

The Democratic Party (DP) has asked President Museveni to lessen his personal hatred towards his predecessors, particularly Idi Amin.

Recently, Museveni vehemently rejected a request by former Obongi West MP, Kaps Fungaroo, to establish an institute in memory of Idi Amin Dada.

Fungaroo had written to the Minister of Education, Janet Kataha Museveni, asking the ministry to consider licensing an institution to honour Amin.

However, upon encountering the request, President Museveni wrote to his wife, the minister, urging her to reject it.

“This request is inappropriate, and it should be denied,” Museveni ruled.

Museveni argued that Amin’s government was illegitimate and that Amin was an unconstitutional leader.

He also maintains that Amin committed numerous atrocities, including killing Acholi and Lango soldiers in Mbarara, prisoners in Mutukula prison, and prominent figures like Ben Kiwanuka and Basil Bataringaya.

“We should not forget how Amin destroyed the Ugandan economy by ignorantly expelling Indian entrepreneurs who went on to enrich Canada and the United Kingdom,” he said.

“Therefore, it is unacceptable to license an institute to promote or study the work of Amin.It is enough that forgiving Ugandans forgave his surviving colleagues.

Let that history be forgotten,” he decreed.

However, in a statement, Ismail Kiirya, the acting spokesperson of the DP, argued that Museveni’s personal animosity should not be reflected on the entire country.

He added that although they acknowledge Amin’s issues with fundamental human rights, rule of law, and constitutionalism, it does not change the fact that he was Uganda’s former president.

“If you want to succeed in this, then consider scrapping his status as a former president so that we can move on from him. But if you can’t do that, then Uganda will continue to recognize him as a former president of Uganda,” he said.

Kiirya pointed out that despite Amin’s ignorant leadership, as referred to by Museveni, he was able to revive the country’s economy, construct Uganda’s satellite in Mpoma, and establish oil reserves, among other achievements.

“In other words, by planting seeds of hatred towards former presidents, you are also setting yourself up to face scrutiny for any atrocities committed during your time in leadership,” said Kiirya.

“President Idi Amin accomplished more for Uganda in his eight-year rule than could have been achieved in 40 years. Currently, we are working towards reconciliation, including with former presidents.However, if you are opposed to this, you may face a difficult transition when you leave power because in some people’s eyes, you could be viewed as worse than President Idi Amin,” he said.


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