Uganda: Minister Musenero Invites Investors Into Ugandan Invented Drink That Cures Hangover

The Minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Monica Musenero has asked willing investors to bankroll the latest innovation by Uganda of a drink that cures hangover.

Speaking during the inaugural science and technology investors dinner at Kampala Serena Hotel on Friday evening, Dr.Musenero said the drink named Pombe Guard was invented by Ronnie Kalyango and helps to prevent and cure hangover.

“We have already done laboratory tests and it has passed them. This is a beverage that accompanies your bottle( beer) .When you take it and take alcohol, when you wake up, you are as clean and sober as if you nothing happened. The drink is natural and has no effects,” Musenero said.

“Investors who can come and invest in money and support mass production of this can benefit. We need money to put up a factory so we need investors.”

The Minister for Science and Technology said the innovation is promising to be a hot cake.

“I know many people will love Pombe Guard. I assure investors that if you invest in Pombe Guard, you will make money.”

Investors dinner

The minister said the inaugural investors’ dinner preceding the forthcoming the National Science Week set for November , 6 to 11, 2023 was meant to bring investors up to speed with the innovations by the country.

“We invited you( investors) to sit around as we begin some conversation around science . This is meant to have a close interaction with investors in Uganda. We have exciting areas of investment we want you to take interest into. We want you to get familiar with the innovations we have made and we want you to invest in them,”Musenero said.

She told the investors that Uganda has now taken off in its science-led journey that she said will lead to the socio-economic transformation of the country.

“Any nation that doesn’t invest in developing solutions and innovations it has only potential of attaining 50% of its economic development. What separates developed and underdeveloped countries is how they have harnesses science and technology. Uganda has now set off on a journey of investing in developing solutions and innovations.”

“We want to be the best source of technology and not mere consumers .We want to drive the nation to be the best source of technology.”

Musenero said during the National Science Week, Uganda will showcase all her innovations and solutions in the science industry.

A survey conducted by the United Nations Development Programmed (UNDP) indicated that Uganda advanced to the 119th rank out of 132 countries in the Global Innovation Index for the year 2022.

The national science week will be held at Kololo independence grounds.

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