Madagascar: Electoral ‘Manipulation’ – Madagascar’s Opposition Asks for French Intervention

Madagascar’s Collectif des 10 – 10 of the 13 contenders for the presidential election – wrote a two-page letter condemning the alleged manipulation of the electoral process by President Andry Rajoelina, calling directly on France to put pressure on Rajoelina, Le Monde reports.

The letter reportedly asks several parliamentary bodies and global organisations if “we have to wait for bloodshed in the streets of Antananarivo for foreign governments to come out of the woodwork” as Rajoelina seeks re-election. The opposition parties are opposed to Madagascar’s November 16 election date.

This weekend thousands of opposition supporters gathered at rallying points, but were forced away from the city centre with teargas and rubber bullets, reports Midi Madagasikara.

In Andravoahangy, Antaninandro, Ankadifotsy and Rasalama, there were confrontations between police and demonstrators which left several people injured and 11 arrested. The same scenes were reported in other neighborhoods around Analakely.

In Tsaralalana, Antanimena, Antsahavola and Ambodin’Isotry, the police protected the entrances to the Place du 13 Mai, leading to injuries and arrests.

Opposition candidates Jean-Jacques Ratsietison, Hajo Andrianainarivelo, Roland Ratsiraka and Tahina Razafinjoelina took part in these demonstrations.


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