Senegal: Papito Kara Dies on Illegal Boat Heading to Spanish Canary Islands

Senegal is reeling after the death of Pape Ibrahim Gueye, better known as Papito Kara on social networks. Known for his humorous press reviews, Papito Kara died aboard an illegal canoe bound for the Spanish Canary Islands as the country experiences a massive departure of migrants this year.

Frozen to death on the road to the Canary Islands alongside five other people, Papito Kara set off in complete secrecy from Kayar on October 24. The 31-year-old young man who worked in the media such as Leral TV was known for his satirical press reviews, often critical of the regime in place, which were followed by his 147,000 subscribers on Facebook.

For the full story in French, read this.

Written by Théa Ollivier, translated by allAfrica

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