Ethiopia: Dialogue Commission Witnesses ‘Overwhelming’ Public Support

ADDIS ABABA- The National Dialogue Commission (NDC) said it has witnessed the public’s overwhelming support and participation in its preoperational activities, adding that the participants identification process is well underway.

Speaking to the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Commissioner Mohamud Dirir (Amb.) stated that the public demonstrated overwhelming support for the successful conduct of the dialogue and actively engaged in the agenda selection process. “The public is telling us that the dialogue is a durable and ultimate solution for the country’s current and emerging challenges.”

The commission has also collected opinions and inputs from civil society organizations, political parties, religious institutions, think tanks and from other societal associations. “We have made consolidated efforts to hold inclusive and participatory preliminary discussions across the country. However, the security challenges in some parts of Ethiopia are hindering such attempts.”

Mohamud further noted that the commission has been working tirelessly to make the dialogue participatory and inclusive and to ensure the involvement of all segments of the society in the participant identification process.

About public comments, which the NDC has received so far, he indicated the public understands about the existence of some problems that need the active involvement of every actor. “We have invited scholars, community leaders, and others to present best mechanisms that could not be comprehended by government officials.”

“We have seen many countries fail due to the absence of peaceful resolution mechanisms. Therefore, the dialogue is the living solution to set the roadmap for dispute resolution. It may not end all contentious issues once in a time. But, it is expected to lay the foundation for future dialogues which Ethiopians are in dire need.”

Most crises, which Ethiopia experienced in the past years, are a result of failure to bring agendas to discussion. It is crucial to learn from such experiences too, the commissioner emphasized.

Mohamud further mentioned the agreement reached with the Tigray Interim-Administration to establish basic structures needed to conduct the dialogue. “The processes we have been through in the past dialogues are also encouraging.”




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