Ethiopia: Govt Says Partners’ Support Vital to Ensure Lasting Peace

ADDIS ABABA- The government has called on partners to consolidate support to ensure lasting peace in Ethiopia.

In a statement published on November 6, 2023 by Government Communication Service (GCS) regarding the first anniversary of “Agreement for Lasting Peace through a Permanent Cessation of Hostilities (CoH)” that it had signed with the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the government noted that Ethiopia counts on the continued engagement of friends and partners for lasting peace.

According to the statement, the Peace Agreement has been instrumental in silencing the guns and paving the way for the gradual normalization of life in northern Ethiopia.

The government has shown its unwavering commitment to the implementation of the agreement through a number of bold and decisive measures to build trust and consolidate peace, the statement said.

Elaborating the measures it has taken so far, the government expressed that it had put an end to all military operations and hostile rhetoric against the TPLF.

It also stated that it has set up and put into operation a Rehabilitation Commission aimed at facilitating the process of demobilizing and reintegrating ex-TPLF combatants.

“We are finalizing the formulation of a comprehensive National Transitional Justice (TJ) policy to ensure accountability and reconciliation,” according to the statement.

Furthermore, the government stated that it has brought the contesting regional states together to find a peaceful and lawful solution to a problem concerning the contested areas which resulted in a clear pathway for the resolution of this issue pursuant to the constitution.

The government takes this opportunity and milestone which affords us to take stock of the situation and appraise Ethiopia’s friends and partners on the progress in the implementation of the Peace Agreement, the statement indicated.

However, the Agreement yet not fully implemented as peace needs the commitment of both parties, the statement said noting that keeping combatants remains a challenge.

Similarly, the disarmament process requires an inventory of heavy armaments handed over and a full handing over of small and light arms, which still remain rampant in the region, it mentioned.

It is thus imperative that friends and partners of Ethiopia continue to support and encourage all actors to adhere to the agreement and refrain from behavior that would jeopardize peace and security in Ethiopia, the government noted.

It has also pledged to redouble efforts to consolidate peace and ensure the full implementation of the Peace Agreement.




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