Kenya: Water Levels in Tana River Rise to Critical Levels – Kenya Red Cross

Naiobi — Water levels in the Tana River have surged to critical levels, putting the counties of Garissa, Tana River, and Kilifi at a heightened risk of flooding.

According to the Kenya Red Cross, the rising waters threaten lives and livelihoods with local authorities and emergency response teams taking swift action to safeguard the communities residing along the riverbanks.

The society further indicated that the Tana River experienced a significant increase in water levels, triggering alarms for potential flooding.

“This natural occurrence has placed residents and their properties in a precarious situation, requiring immediate intervention to mitigate the impending disaster,” it stated.

“To ensure the safety of the communities residing along the river, our teams have activated early warning communication protocols.”

These proactive measures aim to ensure that residents receive vital alerts and instructions to protect their lives and property


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