Ethiopia: Ayesha II Wind Power Project Reaches 82% Completion

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) announced that the total construction of Ayesha II Wind farm project has reached 82% completion and installed 32 turbines.

EEP Corporate Communication Director Moges Mekonnen told The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the Ayesha II Wind power plant (Ayesha II Wind power farm project) starts generating power though the ongoing construction project.

Out of the 32 turbines installed, some 16 ones have already started generating some 40 MW of power, he said, adding the rest of the turbines will generate power upon full completion.

A total of 48 turbines will be installed after the full completion of the project, he mentioned. As to Moges, the project has been undertaking at a cost of 257 million USD of which 85 % is funded by Exim Bank of China while the Ethiopian government covers the rest 15%.

The project will play a significant role in maximizing power supply to the nation and helping boost investment for the Somali State, in which the constructing of the project is being undertaken, he stated.

“Although the nation planned to accomplish the Ayesha II Wind Power plant project within 18 months, the construction is delayed due to financial cause as a result of Exim Bank’s failure to release money on time, but the project construction continues using EEP’s fund,” he noted.

The Director further stated that the completion of the project will greatly benefit the rail transport and dry port service from Djibouti to Addis Ababa. The project will also help the nation to provide more electric power to Djibouti, Somaliland and Somalia thereby facilitating regional integration, he added.

The Ayesha II Wind power plant is equipped with modern technology so as to stabilize power fluctuations, Moges mentioned. He also expressed government’s plan to construct more Wind power projects namely Ayesha III, Adigala, Tulu Guled, Kebri Beyah, and the likes in Somali State. It is to be recalled that Ethiopia is capable of generating 1.3 Giga Watt (GW) electric power from wind.


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