Ethiopia: House Speaker Urges Public Participation in Upcoming National Dialogue

Addis Ababa — Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Tagesse Chaffo, today urged all Ethiopians to actively participate in the national dialogue process, describing it as the only pathway to achieving lasting peace and national unity.

In his remarks during the presentation of the 4-month performance report of the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission to the House today, Speaker Tagesse affirmed the House of Representatives’ commitment to provide the necessary support and oversight to ensure the successful conduct of the dialogue.

“The commission’s activities so far are encouraging. It is imperative to continue ensuring inclusivity in the remaining preparations,” the speaker stated.

He emphasized the need to engage all segments of society at all levels, properly gather their input, and create a platform where the ideas of all citizens are included.

Speaker Tagesse further noted that the commission has been carrying out its legal mandates and duties diligently. He said the parliament will work hard to resolve any issues hindering the commission’s work.

The speaker reminded commission members to conduct the consultations in a participatory, transparent, and inclusive manner to build consensus on fundamental national questions.

“I call on all citizens to actively take part in the national consultation, as it is the only solution to bring lasting peace and national harmony,” Tagesse stressed.

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission was established in 2021 to address deep-seated differences and disagreements among various groups in Ethiopia on fundamental national issues.

The commission aims to foster national consensus, strengthen national cohesion, and restore social values through inclusive dialogue.

To achieve these goals, the commission has been actively engaged in facilitating an inclusive national dialogue to address the country’s pressing issues.

Since its inception, the commission has made significant strides in laying the groundwork for a meaningful dialogue process.

In the four-month performance report of the commission presented today to the house chairperson of the commission, Professor Mesfin Araya said that preparatory work is being carried out in various regions, including identifying participants and discussion agendas.

The Commission has also identified the entities that will participate in the dialogue with the public, starting from the grassroot villages, in a representative and inclusive manner, Professor Mesfin indicated.

He added that efforts are being made to ensure that community groups from all 1,400 districts across the country will participate in the national dialogue through their representatives.

The commission has established a neutral and capable institution to facilitate and lead the dialogue process, ensuring that all segments of Ethiopian society are represented and have an opportunity to contribute to the national conversation.


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