Kenya: President Ruto Calls Community Health Promoter Ahead of State of the Nation Address

President Ruto has made a call to Masoud Abdullahi, a Community Health Promoter from Garissa, ahead of his state of the nation address.

The head of state who is set to address Kenyans on an array of issues engaged the Garissa based health promoter over his feelings on the recently launched Community Health Promoters program.

“Did you get the kits? How do you like the program?”Posed a cheerful Ruto to Masoud.

“We are very happy with the program. I have been a promoter from 2011.We are happy for the kits, “said Housed in his response to a telephone conversation that lasted slightly over 3 minutes.

Ruto launched the program in September with 100,000 kits already distributed to be used by Community Health Promoters across the county.

President Ruto observes that the program will go a long way in ensuring that Kenyans get access to health care at the convenience of their homes, a factor he says will ensure that a lot of diseases are prevented at early stages.

Ruto said there will be one community health promoter assigned to handle every 100 households and will be tasked with visiting Kenyans at their homes.

Counties in June began the process of renewing contracts for UHC staff employed by the government under the UHC Cohort 1 program.


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