South Africa: Nasty C Takes a Bite of the Big Apple

Nasty C, the South African rapper, is due to make his mark at the iconic New York venue Sounds of Brazil (S.O.B.).

Known as a nurturing ground for up-and-coming talent and a site where established acts often return for intimate shows, S.O.B. holds a special place in the music industry.

His debut at S.O.B., with a free concert and a Q&A session, offers an intimate setting to connect with fans as well as industry insiders.

With a history of showcasing music from Afro-Latino groups and a variety of other genres, S.O.B. has been instrumental in launching the careers of many now-famous artists.

The stage has been graced by musical giants from various backgrounds, including African legends like Hugh Masekela and Dorothy Masuka, highlighting its importance as a venue for international talent.

Nasty C’s appearance continues the tradition of cultural exchange and musical innovation that the venue is known for. It will allow the South African hip-hop scene to shine in a new light, bringing a unique African perspective to the diverse and historically rich stage in Manhattan.

The event, in collaboration with Def Jam Recordings, offers a powerful opportunity for Nasty C to showcase his talent.

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