East Africa: Basketball – Best of Rwanda, Burundi to Face Off

The best players in the Rwanda Basketball League (RBL) will face off with their Burundian counterparts on December 2 and 9, in a new development aimed at increasing the games that local players play during the off-season.

Organized by B&B Sports Agency in partnership with Rwanda Basketball federation (FERWABA) and Fédération de Basketball du Burundi (FEBABU), the two international matches will be played on a home and away basis.

The first match will be played in Bujumbura on December 2 while the second one will be held in Kigali on December 9.

The match in Bujumbura will be played at the département des Sports stadium, and the one in Kigali will be played at the BK Arena.

Ferwaba President Desire Mugwiza said they are very happy to work with B&B Sports Agency and added that they welcome anyone who has an activity to promote the game of Basketball.

“This is an activity to increase games for basketball players when the league has ended. It is a great opportunity for the Federation because it is an annual event and it is going to connect the Federations of the two countries of Rwanda and Burundi,” he noted.

Mugwiza added that they want this event to expand to the East African region and want more countries to participate other than just Rwanda and Burundi.

“There are 12 players selected from the best, as you have heard, but we want it to be an East African competition just like Zone 5, which will make the tournament competitive,” he said.

The managing director of B&B Sports Agency, Jean de Dieu Bagirishya, said that the teams will be allowed 12 players with the best from the respective leagues and that international referees will officiate the tournament.

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The President of the Burundi Basketball Federation, FEBABU, Jean Paul Manirakiza, said that they are very happy to organize a showdown between Rwanda and Burundi.

He said, “B&B Sports Agency has helped us promote the game of basketball between the two countries, they are also going to help us raise the level of our championship because the players who will play in the championship who want to be among the best will participate in this tournament.”

Manirakiza also said that this tournament has started to attract other partners of the Regional Federations who want to participate in it in order to promote Basketball in their countries.

“We want Basketball to be a language that unites people, especially here in the East African Region, where private players bring their activities and promote and become known through a competition like this.”

The players that will take part in the tourney have been selected from both countries and 12 from each side will participate in this tournament. On the Rwandan side, the Team Captain will be Jean Jacques Wilson Nshozwabyosenumukiza who plays for APR FC and the National Team.

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