Zimbabwe: CCC Files Court Challenge in Desperate Bid to Stop Tshabangu’s Reign of Terror

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has swiftly moved to clip the wings of self-imposed Secretary General Sengezo Tshabngu by filing a court challenge to interdict him from representing the opposition party.

Tshabangu has left the opposition shaken after instigating recalls of members of parliament and councillors, undoing the gains of CCC in the August plebiscite.

Consequently, some constituencies will hold by-elections on December 9 to fill the vacant seats left by the recalls.

With Tshabangu indicating that he is not yet done wielding his axe, CCC has filed an interdict to avert further recalls.

“In a firm and resolute move, the CCC took legal action against Tshabangu in October 2023, effectively restraining him from falsely representing the CCC. The legal dispute is ongoing, and Tshabangu filed an appearance to defend on 8 November, indicating his intention to contest the lawsuit. However, he has not yet presented a formal defense.

“Our legal representatives are actively engaging in discussions with the Speaker of Parliament, President of the Senate, and Minister of Local Government to inform them about the ongoing legal battles concerning these unwarranted recalls. These discussions emphasize the importance of honoring and respecting court processes while disregarding any spurious communications.

“We firmly believe that all stakeholders will be guided by the principles of justice and legality in their actions. Consequently, we urge our steadfast supporters to remain calm. Our cause is undeniably just, and we will prevail,” said Ostallos Siziba, CCC deputy spokesperson.

A communique has also emerged allegedly firing Tshabangu from the party with one Maxwell Omen Murindagomo claiming to be the chairman.

CCC further trashed the recalls of Harare Mayor Ian Makone and his deputy Kudzai Kadzombe.

“The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party has been made aware of another viral letter circulating on social media, purportedly penned by the impostor Sengezo Tshabangu, falsely claiming to represent our movement and initiating the recall of our Harare-based councillors, including Mayor Ian Makone and his deputy, Kudzai Kadzombe,” added Siziba.

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