Ethiopia: Consortium Says Working to Advance Women Holistic Welfare

Consortium of Self Help Group Approach Promoters (COSAP) has been striving for promoting economic advantage, human rights, and women’s social, gender equality, and political inclusion.

The 10th annual learning and sharing event organized by COSAP in collaboration with Kinder Not Hilfe will take place for three days as of November 14, 2023.

COSAP Board Chairperson Mulugeta Geberu on the occasion said that it has been working to promote economic benefit, human rights, and women’s social, gender equality and political inclusion by implementing a strategy of organizing women’s self- help group. COSAAP is an organization that is coordinating about 33 women’s self- help groups in the country.

“Many women have changed themselves and their families by organizing in the self-help groups. Nationally, self-help organized women are mobilizing a capital of more than 320 million birr. As a result, 600,000 children are able to get food and health care,” Mulugeta said.

Civil Society Organizations Authority Deputy Director Abduri Ahmed on his part said that the authority is ready more than ever before to provide COSAP member organizations with the required support.

The Civil Society Organizations Authority has a mandate to ensure that civil society organizations provide maximum benefit to their users, members and the general public. They are also expected to be effective development partners in the construction of a democratic system in the country. The authority appreciates the way in which women are organized in self-help groups to help themselves.

Abduri said, “COSAP members should help those who are in trouble, injured and displaced due to the lack of peace. The organizations are to help bridge the gaps witnessed on the side of the governmentvia reinvigorating coordination.”

Kinder Not Hilfe (KNH) CEO, Katrin Weidemannt said on the occasion that KNH is helping women and children in Ethiopia and focuses on education, vocational training, nutrition and health care, child labor, health, gender equality, among others.


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