Liberia: SRSG Simão Welcomes the Conclusion of the Peaceful Run-Off Presidential Election, Calls on Liberians to Follow Existing Legal Channels to Resolve Any Electoral Disputes That May Arise

Dakar — The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS), Leonardo Santos Simão, concluded today a three-day visit to Liberia to support peaceful second round voting.

The Special Representative welcomes the generally peaceful and orderly conduct of yesterday’s run-off presidential election. Once again, Liberians have demonstrated their commitment to peace and democracy by turning out to peacefully cast their ballots.

The Special Representative commends the candidates for guiding their supporters to peaceful and inclusive elections in the spirit of and continued adherance to the Farmington River Declaration. He further congratulates the National Election Commission (NEC) on the conduct of this historic Presidential runoff of 14 November.

The Special Representative reiterates his call to the candidates and their supporters to respect the official results once announced by the National Election Commission (NEC) and to follow existing legal channels to resolve any electoral disputes that may arise.

Peace and stability are an asset Liberia held on to for 20 years and the peaceful conclusion of the elections will consolidate these gains. The Special Representative calls on all Liberians, their leaders, and institutions to seize this opportunity to strengthen development, and democracy.

UNOWAS, in coordination with its regional and international partners, remains committed to supporting Liberia on its path to a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic future.

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