Morocco: Al Haouz Earthquake – Register of Victims Open Till Jan. 16 (Interior Ministry)

Rabat — A register to record the victims of the Al Haouz earthquake will be open until January 16, 2024, the Ministry of the Interior announced on Tuesday.

The opening of this register falls within the framework of law n°110.14 instituting a system of coverage against the consequences of catastrophic events, and follows the Head of Government’s decree n° 3.58.23 of October 13, 2023, which was published in the Official Gazette n° 7240 on October 19, 2023 and by virtue of which the Al Haouz earthquake was declared a catastrophic event, the ministry said in a statement.

Recalling that the aforementioned decree establishes the list of affected local authorities, the Ministry noted that the registration operation will run until January 16, 2024, either directly in the offices dedicated to this purpose at the level of the caïdats and administrative annexes concerned, or via the electronic portal, by the victim himself/herself, by one of the rightful claimants, or by any natural or legal person with links to the victim.

Following registration, the declarant will receive a dated and sealed receipt bearing a reference number and recording this operation, the Ministry pointed out, noting that if registration is carried out via the Portal, the receipt will be downloaded electronically.


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