South Africa: Gauteng Govt Denies Neglect of Boksburg Blast Survivors – South African News Briefs – December 28, 2023


Gauteng Govt Denies Neglect of Boksburg Blast Survivors

A year after the devastating Boksburg explosion that claimed at least 41 lives, survivors still grapple with its aftermath, reports EWN. While the Gauteng government denies neglecting them, some express disappointment with the lack of financial assistance and ongoing repairs. Eyewitness News spoke to survivors who described feeling unprotected from the blast’s long-term consequences. They criticized the government’s response, particularly the absence of financial support. Government spokesperson Size Pamla, however, maintains that assistance was provided. He highlighted repaired homes, psycho-social support, burial assistance, and repatriation for foreign victims. He clarified that while some expected financial compensation, the government is not obligated to offer it.

Over 75,000 Arrests in Police Safer Festive Season Operations

South Africa’s festive season crackdowns have netted over 75,000 arrests since October, targeting undocumented immigrants, drunk drivers, and various forms of assault, reports TimesLIVE. Extensive police initiatives including roadblocks, patrols, and compliance checks led to apprehending drunk drivers, suspected assailants, and individuals possessing illegal firearms. Efforts to combat alcohol abuse included arresting public drinkers and inspecting liquor establishments. The campaign also focused on serious crimes, securing arrests for murder, attempted murder, rape, and business robberies. While some criticize the high arrest numbers, authorities believe it’s crucial to ensure a safe and peaceful festive period.

Outrage as Navy Man on Bail After Cyclist Crash

Dewald van der Westhuizen’s family is enraged the South African Navy man, Garth Ronald Pasha, accused of knocking him down is not in jail, but their son is in hospital undergoing multiple surgeries, reports News24. 26-year-old cyclist Dewald was injured in a hit-and-run while cycling with his coach. Despite facing charges like drunk driving and attempted murder, Pasha was released on bail, infuriating Dewald’s family. Dewald remains in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries, with uncertain prospects for full recovery or mobility. His family hopes for justice as the case proceeds, despite their current frustration with the court’s decision.

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