Tanzania: How Traffic Police Strengthen Road Safety During Festive Season

THE Traffic Police Force has insisted that it is well-prepared to prevent road accidents in the country, especially during the festive season when there is an increase in the number of travellers.

According to the Commander of the Traffic Police Force, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) Ramadhani Ng’anzi, the force began preparations early to ensure the safe movement of people to various destinations.

Ng’anzi stated that the measures taken by traffic police included road safety operations and road patrols, which started before Christmas and will continue even after the festive season.

“We started road patrols earlier and intensified operations as we approached the Christmas celebrations… Our efforts have been successful, as of today (December 26), there have been no reported serious road accidents… We expect the situation to continue until the end of this season,” he said.

He also mentioned that these efforts have helped control the increase in bus fares and transportation crises. SACP Ng’anzi added that the police are conducting patrols on buses travelling at night to ensure the safety of travellers. The resumption of night trips has also helped address the shortage of buses during this festival season.

The operations also involve inspecting buses, stands and agents to ensure compliance with traffic rules and regulations.

“The traffic police are present throughout the country, and we will ensure that these patrols and operations are sustainable in our efforts to prevent road accidents,” he said.

SACP Ng’anzi further stated that the traffic police have intensified security in popular cities such as Arusha, Mwanza, Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam by collaborating with the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) to ensure smooth movement of people.

“Our efforts are paying off because so far there have been no serious road accidents reported. We hope the situation remains calm as we approach the end of the season… This development is also due to the concerted efforts of stakeholders, including citizens,” he said.

He also noted that next year, the traffic police force will continue with other technology-supported efforts, such as alcohol tests for all drivers and a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), to prevent accidents in the country.

The Traffic Police Chief called on road users, including passengers, to notify the police force whenever they notice any violation of traffic rules and regulations. He also urged drivers and pedestrians to abide by the laws.

“Tanzania without accidents is possible if we take the necessary measures to ensure safe travel and avoid speeding,” he said.

During an interview with the ‘Daily News’ on Tuesday, Ng’anzi, concluded his inspection at Singida Bus Stand, along with other road safety operations taking place across the country.

Shinyanga Region Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Janeth Magomi, stated that her area has not reported any accidents due to citizens’ involvement in ensuring road safety and highway patrols in the region.

Magomi mentioned that the police are maintaining visibility from the street level to the regional level to ensure that citizens can celebrate Christmas in peace and harmony.

“We must get rid of the mindset that many accidents are reported at the end of the year,” Magomi said.

Mwanza Regional Police Commander (RPC) Wilbroad Mtafungwa, directed the police force to conduct vehicle inspections and provide road safety education to all road users as a precaution due to the increase in traffic during the holiday season.

Similarly, Justine Masejo, the Arusha RPC, stated that the police force uses a participatory approach by engaging every citizen in strengthening road safety. Masejo mentioned that every citizen in Arusha is taking precautions, and as of December 26 this year, no serious accidents have been reported.


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