South Africa: Ekurhuleni Launches Clean Up Campaign

The City of Ekurhuleni has launched a clean up campaign aimed at addressing illegal dumping and maintaining green spaces in the municipality – particularly in the township.

The Clean Your Kasi, Manje Namhlanje campaign, was launched in Thembisa.

Addressing the campaign launch, MMC for Environmental Resource and Waste Management, Leshaka Manamela, said: “It cannot be right that we claim to love cleanliness and the environment yet we do not take care of it. Let us all join forces and look after the environment so it can also look after us. We need the environment for our existence and it must be well looked after.”

The city said it will roll out several activations “focused on cleaning up illegal dumping and maintaining green spaces, mainly in the townships”.

“These initiatives will be complemented by educational programs to raise awareness about the importance of proper waste disposal and community involvement in maintaining a clean and healthy environment.”

MMC Manamela emphasised the importance of the campaign in his address, saying it is not just a campaign – it aims to promote greater cooperation with residents and communities to look after their immediate environment.

“We are taking a stand against illegal dumping and unattended grass in our townships. It’s time for action, now and today.”


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