Angola: Basketball – Petro Beat 1º d’Gosto and Take Over Lead

Luanda — Petro de Luanda beat this Tuesday, in the country’s capital, the 1º de Agosto squad by 110-97, in a game of the seventh round of the top division National Senior Men’s Basketball Championship, played at the Kilamba Pavilion, thus taking the lead, with 35 points.

In the first period, Petro started pressing and dominated the game, winning the initial quarter (37-24).

1º de Agosto in the second period improved their techniques, but didn’t have enough arguments to stop the players off coach José Neto, who was absent from the bench due to federative punishment.

The second quarter ended with Petro still leading the score (60-46)

Upon resumption (second half), even though 1º de Agosto coach Lazare Adingono instructed his players for stricter defence, the opponents’ motivation levels increased and so did the score difference (90-64) in the end of the third period.

In the fourth and final, even with the great effort shown by 1º de Agosto players, who sought to counter the opponents’ attack moves, the triumph was secured by Petro de Luanda, by 110-97.

Despite Petro do Luanda’s victory, player Elcane Paca, from 1º de Agosto, was the match’s top scorer, with 27 points, followed by Gerson Gonçalves, from Petro, with 25.

This challenge was initially scheduled for last Saturday (Jan 20), but at Petro’s request it was postponed to this Tuesday.

Petro de Luanda now grab the lead of the competition, “pushing” 1º de Agosto to the second position with 35 points as well.

Also in this round, Vila Clotilde lost to Interclube, 85-100, the Akira Academia team were defeated by ASA, 86-94, and Clube Amigos do Basquetebol de Benguela were defeated by Casa do Pessoal do Porto do Lobito, by 54-105.


1. Petro de Luanda – 35

2. 1º de Agosto – 35

3. CPPL – 31

4. Interclube – 30

5. VilaClotilde – 30

6. Petro B-29

7. J.C.Basketball – 24

8. ASA – 23

9. Inter B -22

10. AkiraAcademy – 18

11. C.A.B.B -17

12. C.F.D.Kwanza – 16



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