Namibia: Satellite Technology to Enhance Communication Services Under Spotlight

In a significant development towards improving communication services, the country is actively exploring the implementation of satellite technology. The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Dr Peya Mushelenga, announced on Friday.

Addressing the annual staff meeting at the ministry, Mushelenga emphasized the country’s commitment to achieving a digital future, recognizing the pivotal role of information and communication technology in national development. He highlighted the government’s dedication to ensuring a digital future for its citizens.

“Information and communications technology represent an enormous opportunity to introduce significant and lasting positive change across the developing world. The rapid penetration of mobile access, in particular, has resulted in considerable improvements in the lives of the poor in both rural and urban contexts,” explained Mushelenga.

The minister further outlined Namibia’s efforts to foster a competitive and fair Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector. He discussed initiatives aimed at stimulating innovation and protecting consumer interests, including proactive steps to address the cost of data.

“We are taking proactive steps in this direction through our rural ICT centers by employing internal mechanisms to transform the 26 rural ICT centers nationwide. Therefore, citizens should anticipate experiencing the results of these changes in this year of expectations,” he assured.

Mushelenga highlighted the success of Namibia’s commitment to digital inclusion, citing improvements in nationwide internet access, especially in underserved rural areas. These enhancements were achieved by expanding the national fiber-optic backbone, contributing to faster and more reliable internet connectivity while addressing the digital divide.

Looking ahead to 2024, Mushelenga revealed that the country is finalizing the National Digital Strategy and planning to present the Access to Information regulations and the Data Protection Bill in parliament. Additionally, consultations on the Cybercrime Bill are set to conclude, and the consolidated National ICT Policy will be finalized. The minister expressed optimism that these measures would further strengthen Namibia’s position in the digital landscape, bringing about positive changes for its citizens.


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