Tunisia: International Migrant Smuggling Network Dismantled in Sfax

Tunis/Tunisia — An international network specialised in smuggling migrants from a neighbouring country to Sfax was dismantled in the region.

The National Guard General Directorate issued a press release on Sunday evening announcing that the network had been dismantled by the intelligence units of the National Guard Directorate and the intelligence units of the Intelligence and Research Directorate.

The irregular migrants were housed on stages before setting off to cross the sea borders illegally to the north shore, the same source said.

Thirteen other foreigners were also arrested in one of the houses in the area.

The necessary legal measures against these irregular migrants were taken against them as ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it added.

This operation is part of the fight against irregular migration and is the result of meticulous investigative work by the intelligence units of the National Guard in Sfax.


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