Zimbabwe: Thuli Petroleum Compensate Customers Affected By Contaminated Fuel

Thuli Petroleum has managed to recover and fix all affected motor vehicles that were affected after its underground tank used for storing blend petroleum in Kambuzuma was affected by heavy rains which contaminated it on December 29, last year.

In an interview, Thuli Petroleum’s director Mr Shiloh Swart, said the contamination was not noticed by the night staff and was consequently and unknowingly sold to some customers.

Mr Swart said the contamination only affected cars that received fuel during a one-hour window before they were alerted to the problem

“All affected motor vehicles were recovered and mechanics paid for by Thuli to fix the affected motor vehicles,” he said.

Mr Swart added that the affected motor vehicles were repaired to the satisfaction of the affected customers on the same day, and each customer was given complimentary fuel In addition to the litres they had initially bought.

“ZERA, as the regulating authority, was involved and after their investigations, allowed the service station to sell unleaded petrol and diesel, which had not been affected by the contamination.

“Thuli disposed of the contaminated fuel, cleaned the affected pumps and has now been allowed to sell blend petroleum at the affected service station,” he said.

Mr Swart said Thuli does not sell contaminated fuel and all its fuel is procured from reputable international suppliers and is delivered to NOIC in Msasa from where it is tested upon delivery and then again on collection.

“When fuel arrives at any Thuli service station, a final check is done before the product is offloaded to ensure Zera standards are met. Two additional daily tests are done at each shift change being 06:00 am and at 06:00 pm to further check for contamination in the underground tank,” he said.


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