Somalia: Somali President Attends a Crucial UAE Meeting On His Country’s Security

Abu Dhabi — The president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh attended a vital conference on his country’s security which brought together representatives from several countries.

Delegates and top officials from Qatar, the UK, the US, UAE, and Turkey were in attendance at the Abu Dhabi forum that seeks united support for Somalia in terms of security.

“The meeting focused on how to help the Somali government in the fight against terrorism and coordination of the international assistance towards security,” said Villa Somalia.

The president of Somalia emphasized the importance of the preservation of the Horn of Africa regional security and avoiding actions that derail the gains made in the war on terror.

Hassan Sheikh called for the protection of Somali sovereignty and territorial integrity after Ethiopia signed a deal with the breakaway region of Somaliland to get access to the sea.

The UN Security Council removed Somalia from a 3-decade-long arms embargo in December after a request from the government as it is fighting an Al-Qaeda-linked group.


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