Angola Defends Peaceful Co-Existence Between Israel and Palestine

Luanda — The Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Téte António, reaffirmed, in Luanda, that Angola defends a lasting solution based on peaceful co-existence between Israel and Palestine.

During a meeting Thursday with the Israel’s Charge d’Affaires in Angola, Roey Dilad, the Angolan diplomat, emphasized the need for the parties to agree on a truce.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Téte António reiterated the position of the Angolan Executive, recalling the words of President João Lourenço, on the occasion of the New Year greeting ceremony for the Diplomatic Corps, who defended a concerted solution.

He highlighted the need to apply United Nations resolutions to find a lasting solution, based on peaceful co-existence, between the two States.

The head of Angolan diplomacy also evoked the “sacro-Santo” principles of the right to self-determination and inviolability of territorial integrity, as well as non-indifference towards the countless victims of the conflict.

The Israeli diplomat explained his government’s position on the aforementioned conflict, in addition to detailing details about the victims following the ongoing clashes. VIC/DOJ


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