Tanzania: Mwinyi Orders Executives to Speedily Execute CCM Manifesto

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi has ordered government executives to quickly execute the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi’s (CCM) 2020/2025 election manifesto.

“We have executed the manifesto excellently in the past three years, but we need to double our speed in the remaining two years and deliver beyond our pledges in the 2020 election campaigns,” said Dr Mwinyi.

During the swearing-in of the newly appointed ministers and deputy ministers at the Vuga-based State House, Dr Mwinyi urged his appointees to work hard and deliver in their respective portfolios, which he described as the heart of the island’s economy.

“I have great hopes for you. Go and perform your responsibilities with high efficiency,” he directed.

President Mwinyi highlighted that tourism is the largest economic sector, contributing over 30 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). However, he noted that the sector has not been fully exploited.

He ordered the new Minister for Tourism and Heritage, Mudrak Ramadhan Soraga, to change the status quo.

Dr Mwinyi emphasised that Zanzibar’s tourism is mostly beach-dependent, neglecting other important components like heritage, sports, and conference tourism, which offer significant economic potential.

The president also emphasised the importance of the blue economy as a major economic policy. He expressed disappointment that it has not yet yielded the expected achievements.

He instructed the new Minister for Blue Economy and Fisheries, Shaaban Ali Othman, to make extra efforts in developing the fishing and seaweed farming sectors.

President Mwinyi acknowledged the issue of land conflicts in the country and ordered the ministry to work on and resolve all land-related issues.

He instructed the newly appointed Deputy Minister for Water, Energy, and Minerals, Zawadi Amour Nassor, to follow through on what she had been advocating for in the House of Representatives.

“You were vocal from the back bench, and now I have brought you to the front bench to implement what you have been advocating for. Use the same energy to make improvements,” Dr Mwinyi told the Konde Representative.

Regarding the recent resignation of former Minister of Tourism and Heritage, Simai Mohamed Said, Dr Mwinyi stated that resignation is normal and part of accountability.

He reminded all ministers to be accountable whenever required, as these positions are temporary and not permanent.

He criticised the habit of public leaders deceiving the public instead of declaring their public interest clearly.

“If you disagree with a government decision, you are free to resign, but speak the truth and declare your interest. Don’t deceive the public,” Dr Mwinyi said, apparently referring to the former tourism minister, whom he accused of announcing his resignation to the media before receiving approval from higher authorities.

Taking the oath of office before President Mwinyi were Tourism Minister Mudrik Soraga, Minister of State, President’s Office, State House Ali Suleiman Ameir,and Minister of State, President’s Office, Blue Economy and Fisheries Shaaban Ali Othman.

There were also three deputy ministers: Zawadi Amour Nassor, Juma Makungu Juma, and Salha Mohammed Mwinjuma for water, finance and planning, and land, respectively.

The mini-cabinet reshuffle follows the recent resignation of former tourism minister Simai Mohamed Said, who cited an unfriendly environment for the performance of his duties as an advisor to the president.


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