Sudan: Phone, Internet Falters in Eastern Sudan

El Gezira / Sennar — Subscribers to El Sudani and MTN communication and internet providers complain service interruptions in El Gezira, Sennar, and large parts of eastern Sudan since Friday morning. Both providers cite ‘technical reasons’.

El Sudani and MTN communication and internet providers both announced “an interruption in their service for technical reasons. “Technical teams are working to fix it,” they said in statements yesterday.

“We apologise for the network outage currently, and our team is working hard to restore service as soon as possible to ensure your connection and communication,” reads a statement.

MTN said in a post: “We regret the interruption of all services due to circumstances beyond our control. While we apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption, we assure you of our endeavour to restore the service as soon as possible. You will be notified of the return of the service.”

Blackouts The ongoing war in Sudan has resulted in frequent communications, mobile phone, and internet blackouts, which have “plunged cities into a medieval communications abyss“.


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