Tanzania: Govt Warns Against Use of Traditional Medicine in Red Eyes Treatment

As the number of patients with Red Eyes disease increases, the Zanzibar Ministry of Health has cautioned members of the public against wrong perception and use of traditional medicines in treating the disease.

“We have heard about some people having misconceptions about Red Eyes and also using unauthorised traditional medicine. If you experience symptoms, rush to the nearby hospital for treatment,” Deputy Minister for Health Mr Hassan Khamis Hafidh said.

He was speaking at the press conference convened by the ministry recently to speak about the disease known medically as conjunctivitis after at least 4,500 people were recorded to have contracted the disease in the Isles and are now being treated in different hospitals.

Mr Hafidh said that Red Eyes symptoms include itching of the eyes, a burning sensation, and increased tearing. Director of Preventive Services and Health Education in the Ministry of Health, Dr Slim Salim, said preliminary investigations have shown that most people have contracted the disease in the Islands, advising others to take preventive measures including frequent hand wash and avoiding gatherings.

“Children are greatly affected because they cannot take care of themselves. We advise parents and other adults to help them observe health precautions,” Dr Slim said.


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