Tanzania: Jokate Urges Parents to Secure Children’s Health Insurance

TEMEKE District Commissioner (DC) Ms Jokate Mwegelo reminded families in the district to ensure that children are provided with health insurance at time of birth, to meet health coverage in case of sickness.

The DC also advised parents to ensure they apply for birth certificates of their children soon after birth, to avoid inconvenience in later stages when the documents are needed.

Ms Mwegelo made the remarks on Monday in Dar es Salaam when she received 200 donated health insurance for children from disadvantaged background in Temeke.

The insurance coverage was donated by women who are employed by the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA).

“On behalf of the parents, let me say that we are very grateful to women from TPA. This is a huge support, it is too big and will leave a mark on many families who have benefited from the medical insurance coverage of their children,” she said.

The DC also insisted the need for parents to register and collect birth certificates of their children soon after birth than waiting until they are demanded.

She said the certificates were important items, having them earlier were a solution to tediousness faced when parents line up to secure the document when they are demanded in search of various services.

Speaking on behalf of her fellow women, TPA Acting Human Resources Manager Ms Mwajuma Mkonga said the health insurance came as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day which is celebrated every year on March 8.

She said that women at TPA came up with the idea of raising money with the aim of helping the society in Temeke, Kigamboni and Ilala districts.

Speaking on behalf of her fellow parents whose children benefited from the donation, Ms Fatuma Mohamed, a resident in Temeke, thanked the TPA women and Temeke District Commissioner for the generous support.

She said the insurance coverage will relieve her and her fellow parents of medical costs burden, saying it would contribute to enabling children to access quality health care without any difficulty.


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