Tunisia: National Salvation Front Rejects Draft of New Constitution

Tunis/Tunisia — The National Salvation Front said it rejects the draft of the new Constitution, reiterating its commitment to boycott the July 25, 2022 referendum.

The Front considers in a statement on Tuesday, that “the proposed Constitution is a step backwards as it paves the way for the return of the “autocratic” regime which the country has suffered for more than five decades.

This political formation, which was officially born on May 31, 2022, claims that the draft of the new Constitution is a “coup” against legitimacy. Composed of five political parties, including Ennahda, and five organisations, this coalition wants to launch a dialogue on reforms to “save the country.”

Its founder Ahmed Néjib Chebbi is opposed to what he describes as a “coup” by President Saïed, who has held full powers since July 25, in his words.


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