Uganda: Police Step Up Operation to Catch Cargo Truck Thieves Along Highways

The Police Flying Squad Unit attached to West Nile Region in collaboration with intelligence agencies have intensified operations against thieves who target cargo trucks.

This follows continuous reports of highway robbers who climb on cargo trucks at night along Arua-Pakwach highway and rob goods.


“Several complaints have been registered by transporters and the business community on theft of their merchandise from trucks by unknown persons, who secretly climb from behind, when the trucks slow down on hilly areas at night,” Josephine Angucia, the regional police spokesperson told the Nile Post.

She pointed out areas of Ocoko, Enzeva, Arivu areas in Vura, Ulepi, Okollo in Madi Okollo and Alwi areas in Pakwach as the blackspot areas.


All these areas are hilly which makes trucks to slow down up to almost speed of 10km per hour which makes it easy for thieves to climb and offload goods.

Angucia revealed that the operations have so far led to the arrest of a one Isaac Yikii who is said to be the ring leader of the most wanted criminal gang.

It is alleged that the gang normally steals sacks, cartons and boxes of goods which they throw on the road in strategic spots where their accomplices are stationed and are hidden in the nearby bushes.

They later collect and transport them to customers in Arua city.

In the latest operations, Angucia said that they have recovered four sacks of sweet potatoes, twelve cartons of Beb wine and a sack of onions.

The spox further revealed that the suspect in custody (Isaac Yikki) is cooperating with detectives and have so far identified eight suspects.


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