Somalia: Somali President to Convene National Dialogue With Federal States Leaders

The meeting of the National Consultative Council of the heads of the federal government of Somalia and the regional states, and the governor of the Banadir region is expected to open today Monday in Mogadishu.

The meeting, which will be chaired by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh, will mainly focus on the country’s political and security issues.

The leaders of the National Consultative Council will discuss the latest operations against Al-Shabaab and how to cooperate on the liberation of the remaining areas.

This conference comes amid political tension in the Southwest, which is related to the one-year term extension of President Laftagareen by the state assembly.

The tension escalated after clashes erupted in Baidoa last Friday between the regional forces and opposition candidate security guards. President Hassan Sheikh called for calm.


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