Kenya: President Ruto Open Doors to the Media Since Inception to Office

Nairobi — President William Ruto is slated to host his inaugural live media interview Wednesday evening.

According to State House Spokesperson Mohamed Hussein, local and international media have been invited to the engagement, which will be held at State House-Nairobi.

“President @WilliamsRuto will hold a media roundtable interview live on Wednesday evening with local and international media,” Mohamed tweeted.

The interview will come a day before the President opens a three-day retreat bringing together senior ranks of the Executive including Cabinet Secretaries, Presidential Advisors and Principal Secretaries.

The meeting is set to focus on key issues of implementation to Kenyans at a time when the President is facing sharp criticism for high cost of living due to removal of subsidies on a number of key commodities.

In his New Year message, President Ruto said his decisions are informed by his promise to the country prior to his election as President to build the economy from the Bottom-Up.

He indicated that he has embarked on that journey by making sure that the economy is founded on sound economic policies that will stand the test of time.

President Ruto’s government which he has promised several social welfare programmes navigates the debt crisis during his first term will be the hallmark of his presidency.

In his 100 days into office, he had ordered the cutting of the budget by Sh300 billion and removed the subsidy on fuel.

Currently, the annual inflation stands at 9.5 per cent, according to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, while public debt is now consuming more than 60 per cent of tax revenues.

Experts have pointed out that the situation has left little for development and social stability.


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