Egypt: 1st Phase of Irregular Workers Support Programme Launched

Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine el-Qabbaj, who doubles as Board Chairman of the Rural and Environmental Industries and Rural Revival Support Fund, announced the launch of the first phase of the irregular workers support programme, which aims to provide loans to ten thousand small and micro projects.

The Minister of Social Solidarity stated that the first phase of the irregular workers’ support and empowerment programme begins with the signing by the Fund for Supporting Rural and Environmental Industries and Rural Revival, three co-operation protocols with three NGOs, by virtue of which the Fund will grant loans to 11,300 beneficiaries at soft interest rates in (6) governorates (Giza, Buhaira, Fayoum – Sohag – Assiut – Qena).

Al-Qabbaj added that the Fund aims to create a supportive environment to raise the economic and living standards of the most vulnerable families and to promote rural and environmental industries and handicrafts, by achieving a number of goals, the most important of which is the establishment and management of activities that contribute to the development of societies.

The Fund also seeks to build partnerships with regional and international development agencies and transfer international expertise in the areas of supporting local industries, as well as contributing to the marketing of handicrafts and traditional products through the organization of local and international exhibitions.

She added that the irregular workers support programme was launched within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, with a budget of 570 million pounds to support about 30,000 irregular workers and their families.


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