Uganda: Lands Ministry Rolls Out Second Housing Symposium Edition

In a collaborative effort, the ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development (MLHUD) and Habitat for Humanity Uganda (HFHU) unveiled the second edition of the National Housing Symposium, set to take place on October 5, 2023, at the Mestil hotel in Kampala.

The National Housing Symposium is a national-level event to mark International Habitat day and World Urban month. It will bring together public and private sector housing partners and key stakeholders from across the housing sector’s value chain, along with international and national delegates, to share knowledge, emerging best practices, innovations, and lessons around affordable housing.

It will also discuss the progress of achieving access to affordable and decent housing for all through the implementation of the new urban agenda.

This year’s symposium theme is “Affordable Housing in urban informal settlements as a driver for economic growth.”

At the media launch of the housing symposium, the chairperson for Habitat for Humanity, Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa emphasised the increasing demand for decent housing in the country and stressed the need for collaboration among all stakeholders in the housing sector to address this issue.

He reported that the Ugandan government, in partnership with organisations like UNDP, KCCA, and cultural institutions, is coming together to find solutions within communities. He noted that Habitat for Humanity Uganda, as an organisation, has actively provided affordable housing in rural areas and is dedicated to continuing these efforts in the future.

He also mentioned their collaborative work with partners to tackle affordable housing in slum areas and informal settlements across urban centres, cities, municipalities, and towns.

“Ensuring adequate housing is a fundamental goal; and we are committed to contributing to the reduction of housing poverty in Uganda. Housing poverty leads to various negative consequences, impacting both physical health and mental well-being,” Nsibirwa said.

Habitat for Humanity is in the process of preparing the launch of 47 houses constructed in the eastern part of the country, specifically in Mayuge and Kumi districts. This initiative aligns with this year’s resolution to reduce the housing deficit in Uganda.

The organisation has more plans to be revealed in due course. Dave Khayangayanga, the director for Housing at the ministry of Lands, highlighted the urgent housing deficit in Uganda, currently reaching 2.4 million units, emphasizing that approximately seven million individuals across the country require affordable housing solutions.

On his part, Robert Otim, the Habitat for Humanity National director, mentioned that the upcoming symposium will cover various topics, including micro-level financing and evidence-based research related to affordable housing in Uganda. He highlighted Habitat for Humanity’s “Home Equals” campaign, aimed at gathering resources to help informal communities with necessities like clean water.

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