Kenya: Moses Kuria – I Was Too Busy to Meet the King, I Was Doing Other Important Things and I Wasn’t Blocked

Nairobi — Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria says he ws too busy to meet King Charles III during his recent visit to Kenya, contrary to claims that he was asked to stay away due to his controversies.

Speaking on the “JKL Live” show hosted by Jeff Koinange, Kuria explained that his busy schedule prevented him from participating in the royal visit.

Contrary to social media speculations that he was deliberately excluded due to controversies, Kuria clarified that he had received an invitation from the British High Commission but was unable to attend due to prior commitments. He also sent an apology in response to the invitation. “I was invited and sent an apology,” he stated during the interview.

Kuria further defended his absence at the State Banquet hosted for the royals by President William Ruto, emphasizing his dedication to his role as a Cabinet Secretary. “Suppose I was doing better things; like building this nation or looking after my docket…you know I am a man. I don’t have the luxury. I am studying huge books…I take my work very seriously,” he added.

This isn’t the first time Kuria has been absent during high-profile visits. Two months ago, he was notably absent during a meeting between President Ruto and Katherine Tai, the US Trade Secretary. He also did not accompany the President on his tour to the United States. Kuria explained his decision, saying, “If she came here and didn’t want to meet me as Trade Cabinet Secretary, why should I go to her country to meet her? I stayed away because I am not selfish. I love my country.”

Despite being pressed by Jeff Koinange to disclose the specific urgent duties that kept him away during the entire royal visit, including the State House Banquet that saw the attendance of opposition leaders, Kuria remained evasive, stating only that he was occupied with other matters. “Unfortunately, I was busy with other things and I didn’t get the time to meet the King…but I got an invitation of which I tendered an apology…I had an invitation,” he explained.

After King Charles’s departure, Kuria took to social media to post, “Sasa venye King Charles amerudi kwao, fake Kingpins you can take over,” a comment many interpreted as a veiled critique aimed at Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Kuria clarified his statement, noting that it was in support of President William Ruto’s light-hearted comment to King Charles, where the President mentioned individuals who claimed to be “Kingpins” but fell silent upon the King’s arrival. “I saw on YouTube later that the president actually told King Charles that now that he is in town, there are some people who go around here calling themselves Kingpins, but now I hope they are resting. So I went back and thought that the president forgot to tell them, excuse me, the King is gone, wake up…isn’t that my job to help the president,” Kuria explained.

Kuria has recently faced pressure to resign or be dismissed by the President following social media remarks that some Senators found disparaging. However, he remains resolute in his stance, asserting his right to express his opinions on social media or any other platform.


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