Liberia: Govt Needs U.S.$4 Billion to Achieve Nat’l Plan

Deputy Finance Minister, Samora P.Z. Wolokolie says government needs over US$4 billion to achieve its Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) goals and objective, describing the program as ambitious.

Speaking during a joint radio appearance Wednesday, November 8, 2023,

on State Radio, ELBC, on the topic “Why President George M. Weah should be re-elected and analysis of the government PAPD framework”, Wolokollie disclosed that government remains focused on providing job opportunities and better livelihood for its citizens as captured in the PAPD.

He said the number of people that are supposed to be lifted out of poverty as proposed by the PAPD is expanded with inferior and not six years as critics have misinterpreted.

“We have a manifesto or a development plan for the country, strategic development plan that runs in excess of six years. That program (PAPD) is costed around US$4 billion dollars. The manifesto of the CDC 2017 PAPD is ambitious. I mean it’s very ambitious. To be able to achieve everything in the manifesto, it means you must be able to mobilize the resource to Carter to the manifesto” Mr. Wolokolie stated.

Wolokollie explained that the CDC manifesto did not promise to raise one million Liberians out of poverty in one year or six years.

He pointed out that as ambitious as the PAPD is, it expands over a protracted period of time.

“We are projecting in the PAPD to raise one million people out of poverty within a protracted period. The period expands beyond two terms, for clarity, it’s beyond 2029. So, the manifesto has been misinterpreted. I’m making an honest clarification. So, know it today that the one million people to be lifted out of poverty is not one year or six years thing but extend beyond” Wolokolie noted.

However, he assured that the CDC government remains committed to good governance, transparency, jobs, and infrastructure development as promised in the PAPD. –Edited by Othello B. Garblah


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