Ethiopia: Yelimat Tirufat Boosts Animal Products in Ethiopia

· Initiative yields over 2.1 billion liters of milk

Yelimat Tirufat initiative has yielded Ethiopia increased animal products including over 2.1 billion liters of milk in Oromia State in six months, State Agriculture Bureau said.

Oromia Agriculture Bureau, Animal Breeding Improvement and Development Director Demse Kumsa told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that more than 2.17 billion liters of milkof the planned 2.18 billion liters has been produced in the past six months.

The state has been working to produce over 3.3 billion liters of milk this fiscal year under Yelimat Tirufat initiative, he indicated.

Accordingly, over 201, 480 farmers are engaged in the milk development program which is being implemented in more than 1,679 milk villages, he added.

Likewise, the initiative which also designed to increase poultry production has enabled the state to produce 49,252 tons of chicken meat and over1.2 billion eggs, according to the Director.

Similarly, the initiative also helped to produce 157, 258 tons of fish more than the planned 97,765 tons of fish to be produced in the same period, Demse said.

Moreover, he added, some 54,300 tons of honey was produced in the first half of the fiscal year through participating 9,780 beekeepers in 489 honey villages.

Apart from these successes, the Director said challenges related to lack of budget, input and absence of market linkage have seen during the implementation of the initiative.

Despite all, this year’s six month accomplishment of Yelimat Turufat initiative is better than last year’s annual performance, he mentioned.

Demse also noted that involving a large number of people in the program would play a significant role in ensuring food security in the region in addition to improving employment and income.



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